AppMatrix is a Mobile Experience Provider!

Which means we’re giving you the tools to develop a one-on-one relationship with your customers. We subscribe to the same paradigm; our customers are our partners. Our commitment to your company is no different from the commitment we have for our company. Contact AppMatrix to see how we can make YOUR business better by establishing meaningful relationships with your customers, clients, partners, and employees.

Our App’s are Native
Because Native App’s are installed directly on the device, they respond more quickly and can interact with features of the device’s operating system – thus making functionality more reliable and capable of operating even when no data connection is available.
Cross-Platform Compatibility
AppMatrix Apps are developed to function across multiple platforms and devices. No longer do you need to develop different app’s for different devices.

The AppMatrix Process

AppMatrix analyzes all of the documents and designs you’ve created on your own, explore your mobile strategies and ideas, and perform our own research to understand that what you want is what you need. Essentially, the Discovery and Improvement step are co-dependent; first we need to listen and collect, and then provide proof that we understand your requirements by improving upon them. We care about what your mobile experience does for your users/customers as well as how it fits into your company’s success; both short and long term.

One of the greatest values we bring to your project is the ability to translate your ideas, requirements, and specifications into something beyond what you’ve imagined based on your timeline and budget. At AppMatrix this is one of our fundamental “core competences”. We’re leverage our experience in business, marketing, technology, programming and the mobile market to suggest ways to make your Mobile Experience perform better for your users and for your company. Making it better is just part of what we do.

Once the concept is agreed upon, we create a “wireframe” of your app’s flow and functionality. You’ll see, on paper, how your app will actually work, including every button, control, screen, message, video and sound. Wireframes are rough sketches of your app, with the sole goal to establish the core functionality (foundation) of the application.

App popularity is not only a function of how well the app works, but also how great the app looks. That’s why we apply expert graphic designs to each and every app we produce. Depending on their purpose, some apps are graphics-intensive, and others should be minimalistic. Regardless of your type of app, we’ll develop an appropriate design that promotes your new or existing brand, and engages the user. Once the Design is approved we can move to a set development, QA, release schedule.

Note that we’re on Step 5 and we’re just starting the process of development, but still no code is written at the outset of this stage. I think you’ll find that the process of building a quality app is similar to building a quality home — the architect, interior designer, plumber, carpenter, electrician and landscaper — each of these professionals make their plans long before a single board is cut or hole is dug. That’s because it’s far easier to make changes in a design than it is to make actual changes to a finished product. We have teams of expert developers here in the USA who are all team members in the AppMatrix App Development Process, and who will expertly and more importantly actively & creatively engineer your project so that it matches perfectly to the documentation we’ve produced together, and with a unified single goal of meeting or exceeding your expectations.

No app is so simple that it can be perfect at the very start. Beyond that, we sometimes find small tweaks that can make huge improvements in usability or the functionality of an app. That’s why we test everything we build on our own. Extensively. And we test it to make sure that it’s as good as it can possibly be. If you’ve worked with other app developers, then I’m sure you’ll appreciate that there is more of a focus on development and less on testing. Testing, along with design and documentation, are as much art as science. Coding the application is usually fairly uneventful and straight forward, but no amount of coding talent can fix a flawed design or a fundamental bad premise, which in some instances would only show under the scrutiny of testing.

Our customers tend to exhibit an immense amount of pride when we get to this step. It’s often the first time they “see”, in real bits and pixels, the app they’ve imagined – come to life. This is an opportunity for you, your associates, your family and friends (and whoever you decide) to take a look at the app and take it for a test drive. It’s an opportunity to compare, item by item, your specs for the app and the real thing. Oh, and if we happen to discover anything different between the two, we’ll go back and fix it and get you a new version to test. Our goal here isn’t to be “done” with your app, but to be “done right”.

Releasing your app to the iPhone App Store, and/or to Google’s Marketplace, and/or the other app markets can be tricky, but don’t worry, AppMatrix manage this all for you. We’ll deal with the App marketplace submission, the App Store testing process, uploading the app, and just about everything required to get your app ready to sell. All you need to do is what you do best, which is not mobile apps, it’s focusing on products and services your company delivers!