AppMatrix Smart AppWizard ® – Our ‘best in class’ mobile app development tool that will allow any business or anyone that believes in their mobile app idea, to quickly and inexpensively design, create, configure and publish feature rich, native mobile apps. With the ability to offer today’s most relevant mobile functionality and features such as push messaging, geo fencing, social media integration, e-commerce, detailed user and event based analytics, and more, this innovative toolset delivers the power to create that one to one communication between business and consumer like never before.

The dynamic and easy to use drag and drop interface will eliminate all the heavy lifting typically found with custom native app development. The Smart AppWizard will accelerate time to market for all your mobile app ideas and initiatives and at price points at a fraction of today’s mobile build costs.

Contact our team today to learn more about this exciting new product release. Beta launch Fall 2012.


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